Connected Health Cities North East and North Cumbria has published two reports exploring the attitudes of people in the region to sharing their medical information to inform the development of the Great North Care Record – a regional project which is improving information sharing for individual care, self-management, planning and research. 
The first report is a YouGov poll which asked over 800 people in the region about their willingness to share information recorded about them by the NHS.  The second piece of research follows over 20 workshops, organised by the local Healthwatch network with over 300 participants which explored this in more detail.  The two reports have found that most people are happy for their information to be shared within the NHS, but that they would like to control who sees their information.
The Great North Care Record is a new way of sharing medical information across the North East and North Cumbria which is accessed by authorised health and social care practitioners.  It means that key information about your health such as diagnoses, medications, details of hospitals admissions and treatments is shared between different healthcare services including hospitals, out of hours and ambulance services who could all be involved in your care. 
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