The Side by Side service has a real focus on empowering people affected by dementia.  Volunteers support people living with dementia to identify their own personal talents, strengths and capabilities and help them to maintain fulfilling relationships with their peers and the wider community. Volunteers encourage people with dementia to get out and about, be active, retain old activities and take up new interests where possible.
Knowing that not every person with dementia will wish to be active within the community, Side by Side volunteers will also support people with dementia who wish to take part in dementia specific activity/groups or maybe want to engage in hobbies or leisure pursuits in their own home.
The primary aim of Side by Side, however, will remain to encourage and support people with dementia to remain active within their communities.   Volunteers are fully trained and supported by a Side by Side Coordinator.
If you would like to access the service or require any further information please contact the Side by Side Coordinators on: 01670 813255 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..