A new plan, prepared by the Department of Health and Social Care, sets out how the government will improve support for carers in England over the next two years. 

Every year, more and more people take on a caring role. The enormous contribution of our country's carers not only makes an invaluable difference to the people they support, it is an integral part of our health and social care system and it deserves to be better recognised.

To doctors, carers are the experts-by-experience turning treatment plans into reality. To pharmaceutical companies, they can be an important influence towards the achievement of treatment success. To the people they help, they are the indispensable family members, friends, and neighbours that make each day possible. Within our communities they are vital partners, bridging the gap between local health and care services. What none of us must forget is that carers have their own needs too. We must be alert and responsive to those needs, or we risk compromising their health and wellbeing and – by association – the recipients of their care. 

The new plan is structured around themes including: services and systems that work for carers, employment and financial wellbeing, and supporting young carers.