The Director of Public Health's (DPH’s) Annual Report 2016 highlight the benefits of adopting an asset-based community development approach as a means of increasing social capital, improving health and well being and reducing inequalities across Northumberland.  

Some key issues identified in this year’s report include:

  • An increased recognition of the need to focus on factors which create good health and wellbeing, not just on individual risk factors which cause disease.
  • The fact that conditions in Northumberland are generally supportive of health and wellbeing, but there is still considerable variation within the county.
  • Asset based approaches are not a replacement for investing in services or attempting to address the structural causes of health inequalities, however the approach can reduce demand and dependency on services in the long term and bring about more effective and efficient services.
  • Our communities are already very resilient and solution focussed and are experts in where they live, what will and will not work, who the key connectors are and how to get things done.
  • Our residents have a stake in their community and have a strong sense of pride and usually want to improve the area for the whole community

Download the full report.